The Turd in the Pool

I hear that you’re looking to get into swimming for some fitness? That’s awesome. Have you heard about the new pool that the City is thinking about building?

The concept drawings were so beautiful It was an Olympic sized pool with hot tubs, saunas and towel service! But after years and years of planning and debate they scaled it way back but they say it’s going to be amazing. Sure it’s way more basic now but it’s still a great pool!

There’s just this one thing, there’s a turd in the pool.

Why is there a turd in the pool? Well it was designed into the pool from the start, it’s always been there. Some people argued that it was too expensive to remove the turd but that’s ok because the other 98% of the pool is just great! You can swim around and around in there for hours and you’ll probably never have an issue.

Some people were concerned that nobody would use a pool with a turd in it but I think it will be just fine, it’s almost entirely turd-free after all. They say that if the pool gets enough visitors they’ll give us the saunas and hot tubs later so that will be sweet, right?

Will the turd always be in the pool? Well there’s a few¬†really loud, rich people who really want it in there so I guess it’s going to be there for a while. Do rich people ever use the pool? No, but they think that removing the turd will make life worse for them so we’ll just have to live with it for now.

Anyway, let’s stop focussing on the turd and look at all the positive things about the pool, it’s pretty big, it’s got top notch lifeguards, nice shower rooms, lockers and it’s almost entirely turd-free.

So what do you think? Great pool, right?