A Failure to Lead

I walk almost everywhere so my household only needs one vehicle, last night you didn’t fail me. Nope.

Last night you failed the children that are still in school and you gave them a public transit system that’s only marginally better than what we have today.

You failed the responsible people who have already chosen to forgo a second car to save money or for the environment, you told them (again) that cars are more important than public transit.

You failed the boomerang generation who will return to London after gaining invaluable experience in other cities, people who want to come home to raise their families after experiencing cities all over the world who made serious, politically difficult, investments in rapid transit.

You failed our families who can’t afford a car, you told them they’re not worth it.

You failed the people who are already doing more to reduce infrastructure investments than anyone else in the city.

You failed the students who bring more than $5,000,000,000 into London’s economy every year.

You failed the environment (in spite of your commitment in the London Plan for this to be a green city) because the worse this system is the fewer riders it will attract.

You failed every company who desperately needs to attract talent from other cities.

You failed every parent who could have gotten to spend a bit more time with their families.

You failed all those people standing at the tracks in February as their bus drivers unceremoniously kick them off the bus to wait for a train to pass.

You failed all these people by declining to build a high-quality rapid transit system. You failed by kicking the hard decision down the road for political expediency. You failed to do something today that will only get more expensive tomorrow. You failed to listen to the evidence presented so well by Councillors Helmer and Steven Turner. You failed The London Plan. You failed to have vision.

Tonight you’re going to have the urge to think you’re about to accomplish something great for our city but I hope you remember this letter and remember all of the ways that you failed the city last night.

Maybe tonight you’ll do better.