Two Apologies

Had a little dustup on Twitter the other day. Not terribly important who it was or what it was about. A guy slagged at me pretty hard and I retweeted it. Why retweet? Might have been a bit hurt and wanted friends to slag the guy back, maybe just to call him out, whatever the reason I was wrong in doing it. What I ended up doing was getting others upset.

For anyone who witnessed the exchange please accept my apologies.

The guy in question sent a note over today to apologize.

“I want to apologize for my comment yesterday, it was rude and unduly harsh. I have taken it down.”

My response spilled out quickly and from the heart. Right or wrong this was it …

“I really don’t know who you think I am dude. I’m a guy with no particular agenda aside from getting people involved in their city. I might be progressive but I don’t care who shows up, just as long as they show up.

I also know that by sticking my head up I’m going to get kicked in the teeth from time to time (some deserved and some not) – so be it. As much as it sucks that’s just part of the deal.

I have zero idea what you get out of slagging me in public. You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me that you haven’t either heard from others or invented in your own head.

No, I’m not the smartest guy out there, I’m just the guy who stood up. Yes, I act like a fool sometimes. Yes, I’m an asshole sometimes. No, I don’t expect to be universally loved. Don’t care. Somebody needs to do this shit and I’ve taken it on until someone smarter comes along to relieve me.

I didn’t deserve any award and I didn’t want it. I took it so that other little people like me might find it in themselves to stand up and do something. I find the attention embarrassing and I’m glad that it’s over.

So I’ll accept the apology and feel free to continue slagging me at will.

But before you wind up to slag the next person please try to give them the benefit of the doubt for a couple minutes. That’s not an ideology you’re about to attack, that’s a person and they carry all the happy/terrifying/complicated shit that makes them the way they are. Cut them some slack, show them a little respect.”

(Note to self: Don’t use “I” so much in the future, you come out sounding like a self-centred jerk and it’s bloody lazy.)