The Hero London Needs

Staying positive and upbeat about rapid transit is hard. We’ve gave council a mandate for rapid transit and we asked for light rail. But they initially have us a hybrid LRT/BRT system before yanking that away and now we’re fighting tooth and nail to even get simple BRT. This isn’t what we wanted but this is what we’ve got. I know it’s hard to get excited about 3rd choice but you’ve seen some of them waffling in the news. Without strong leadership I fear we’re looking at the very real possibility of not getting a rapid transit system at all.

That means it’s on you and me, we’re going to have to get in front and give them the courage to lead. You have the ability to do this, to fill our council with the courage to get this done.

BRT isn’t sexy, it’s plain vanilla rapid transit but ANY rapid transit system is still going to be THE most important project that we have ever done in this city. Last year I heard someone say “If it’s going to be BRT then let’s make it the best BRT around”. So f**k yeah, bring it on and let’s get this city moving forward.

I know a lot of people who love London (I hope you’re one of them), people who want to leave a better city behind them. This is going to be OUR LEGACY.

So I am asking you to show up, I’m asking you to speak up. I’m asking you to come out next Wednesday, May 3rd to voice your support for this project. I ask this knowing that it’s going to be scary for some (I’m crapping myself already) and I know more of you are just tired of hearing about this project. I’m asking you to find your courage and your passion because it’s important for the future of this city we love, and because what London needs right now is YOUR voice.

You don’t need to say a lot to have a big impact, and if you can’t make it you can still write your councillor and the mayor to show your support. I have it on good authority that they are getting a lot of mail on this and a lot of it is asking to cancel this project. YOUR voice is important and we need to hear it NOW.

Please come out on Wednesday, May 3, please email your councillor TODAY, and please ask your friends and family to do the same. I’m asking you to stand up for something game-changing, for YOUR legacy and for the best damn BRT around.

See you next Wednesday and thank you for being the hero that London needs.