UPDATE 2: It’s all over. Was the experiment a success? Nope. Lots of traffic to the blog but little participation. I never thought it would do that much but hoped that it would do more than it did. I’ve put more money towards less worthy causes though so I’m ok with where things ended. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped spread the word.

UPDATE: I’m increasing the prize amount from $25.00 to $50.00 for the remainder of the day. Nothing else has changed.

If you’re under the age of 34 here’s a small incentive to vote at the advance polls today (Thanksgiving Day 2015).

  1. Take a selfie OUTSIDE the advance polls when you vote today with an Elections Canada sign clearly visible in the shot.
  2. Tweet or Facebook the pic with the #ThanksVoting hashtag (make sure the post is public so I can see it).

That’s it. Every hour that the advance polls are open today I will select a random #ThanksVoting poster and I will send that person $25.00 $50.00 (transferred via Interac eTransfer, iTunes gift card, PayPal, or even a cheque).

Rules (subject to change today if people try to game the system too much):

  1. You must be eligible to vote in Canada and between the ages of 18 and 34 (why? Because they have the worst turnout numbers and those are the people that I want to incentivize) .
  2. Don’t violate anyone else’s privacy.
  3. Listen to the nice Elections Canada officials and don’t break any of their rules.
  4. No photoshopped pics.
  5. No pictures of ballots (either blank or completed).
  6. Be Canadian. Be respectful. Be nice. Offensive/disrespectful photos or messages will not be considered.
  7. Your face AND an official Elections Canada sign must be visible in the picture.
  8. This contest may be cancelled at any time if it becomes too much of a hassle (but I can generally tolerate a lot of BS).
  9. Encouraging people to vote is the whole idea here so your picture must be public and include the hashtag #ThanksVoting.

If anyone is interested in financially assisting me with this I would welcome the help (but only up to a total of $250 – this isn’t a money making venture).

If you want to match the prize that would be swell too.

In either case you can email me and we can chat.