Respecting Your Voice

Above all things today I hope that you will show up at the polls and mark the ballot. I hope that you will vote with your heart or your head or your soul. I hope you will make an independent, informed decision and not cast your ballot because that’s how you’ve always voted or that’s how your parents always voted.

I can’t respect someone who sits on their ass while we have so many problems in this world. I can’t respect apathy.

I can’t begin to list all the reasons that someone might not feel engaged in our democracy but I still ask you to show up at the polls and exercise your your other option, to decline your ballot.

But I have to acknowledge that some of you will not find a choice on the ballot that appeals to you. Maybe your principles will not allow you to select the least terrible option. I hope all of us want to vote for hope and for something we believe in and if that’s not there I can’t blame you for wanting to walk away. And you shouldn’t take anyone else’s shit for trying to make you feel bad for not buying into a busted political system.

So I ask you, show up to the polls, even if just to reject your ballot. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll change your mind when they cross off your name and hand the ballot to you. Maybe you’ll find something inside that compels you to go to the screen and make a choice. But if you just can’t get there I will honour and respect your decision to say “no, I decline my ballot”.

There’s no tomorrow folks, we need you. Please use your voice.