One Bad Call, Four Apologies, Zero Excuses

I have an apology to make, a number of them actually.

On December 2, 2017 I registered the domain after noticing that the domain had not been registered by Paul Paolatto’s campaign team. Soon after I began to publish a small number of posts, all satirical in content. After the election got into full swing I never gave it much more thought. But a number of recent events have caused me to reflect on my actions and to realize that it’s time that I take responsibility for them.

My first apology goes to Paul Paolatto and his campaign team for not being more transparent about who was publishing this content, I should have clearly indicated that it was me from the start in the spirit of openness to which I typically aspire. I should have been striving to make political dialogue better and instead I dragged it down and in a way that I often condemn. I have also reached out to Paul directly and delivered this apology personally.

In my rush to do something clever, I ended up doing something stupid and I may have offended Paul and members of his campaign team. Campaigning for mayor is emotional, exhausting work and nobody needs an anonymous jerk taking cheap shots from the peanut gallery.

My second apology is to the friends and acquaintances to whom I was not immediately forthright about my involvement in the satirical campaign. All I can do is to promise to try to be better.

My third apology goes to Virginia Ridley and Maureen Cassidy for distracting from the real and serious issues at hand today. Clearly I couldn’t have seen these other sites coming but my silly, stupid act shouldn’t be distracting anyone from serious questions about our electoral process. I admire your strength and resolve as you struggle to bring these violations into the light.

My final apology is to my wife Jodi. I kept this from her as well and only disclosed my role on a recent vacation. Without a doubt she was hurt and disappointed and for that I am truly sorry for impacting that bond of trust we have always shared.

I screwed up and I’ll try to do better, to be better.