Now or Never …

There are less than sixty days until the election and things are about to kick into high gear on the election trail.

So this is it, if you care about the future of the city it’s time to step up.

How? There are lots of great ways:

  • get informed – find out where candidates stand on issues important to you and your neighbourhood
  • volunteer – door knocking, flyer drops, erecting signs – it all counts
  • donate – council runs cost $10,000-$20,000 and mayoral runs cost upwards of $100,000
  • spread the word – talk to everyone who’ll listen and talk up your candidates

After a lot of consideration these are the candidates that I’ll be supporting (donation amounts noted as well for transparency):

Mayor: Matt Brown – Donated $750
Ward 1: currently none
Ward 2: Nancy McSloy (support withdrawn Sept 5)
Ward 3: Mohamed Salih – Donated $250
Ward 4: Jesse Helmer – Donated $284
Ward 5: Kevin Labonte – Donated $100
Ward 6: Mike Bloxam
Ward 7: Josh Morgan – Donated $516
Ward 8: Paul Hubert
Ward 9: Anna Hopkins
Ward 10: Virginia Ridley – Donated $100
Ward 11: Stephen Turner – Donated $500
Ward 12: currently none
Ward 13: Tanya Park – Donated $100
Ward 14: Jared Zaifman

I budgeted $2000 for municipal donations this year and it’s all gone. Yeah that’s a lot of money. Yeah we could have gone on a nice vacation or bought a big screen TV. Yeah it hurts. Campaigns don’t run on only good people with good ideas. They need money. Period. (Update Aug 16: I blew the budget with a donation to Mo in Ward 3 – Update Sep 22 – one FINAL donation to Josh Morgan to support the AdvanceVote app – Update Oct 2 – so much for final eh? Donated $100 to Virginia Ridley)

If you’ve watched the debates over Fanshawe downtown, food trucks, Reservoir Hill, PenEquity, bike lanes, library funding, public transit you’ll know how I got here. These folks don’t line up with me on every issue but I don’t sense any of the polarizing behaviour that we’ve seen over the past four years either.

It’s your time London. It’s time to step up in whatever way you can to help make change.