Matt Brown: Leaders Lead

(Note: this is the third of five blogs that I will publish
over the next week on why I think that Matt Brown is 
the best choice for mayor on October 27th)

I was struck by a statement that one of the mayoral frontrunners made a week or so ago, when asked about his involvement in the community he stated that he donates to a couple of charities but that he gives in private. While I appreciate that this message may resonate with some, this isn’t how a leader leads in my opinion.

There are so many problems with the world today and we need as many people as possible raising their voices, kicking in their cash and rolling up their sleeves to help. A leader rallies people around issues that matter to them, to our city, to our country and to our planet. I think we can all acknowledge that our governments cannot solve all of the issues in the world and that necessitates that we citizens MUST take the lead most of the time. So why would a mayoral candidate not be one of those leaders? Shouldn’t we demand that these candidates play a deep and ongoing role in our communities? (And not just during the election cycle.)

Leaders gather us around, leaders show us the way, leaders teach and leaders sacrifice.

Matt is a leader.

Matt rallies community around a number of charitable causes, Matt rallies council around ideas and solutions and Matt reaches out to his community in meaningful ways outside of the election cycle (I’d argue that the ability to really listen is maybe THE key characteristic in any great leader). Matt reaches out to the community to fund his campaign (which I would submit is an opportunity to build community and to be transparent). Matt doesn’t make a huge deal out of his efforts but he does it all in the open and he rallies others to get involved. Lots of councillors kick back for 4 years and rarely show up for city/ward/community events. Matt is here with us, on the ground, when it counts for the community and not just for him.

When you look at your choices for mayor I ask that you please give some consideration to this question: where your candidate was 12 months ago. 24 months ago? Nobody needs permission to lead, everybody has the opportunity, they just have to pick up the flag and do it. Leaders don’t pop up every 4 years to run for office, leader’s lead … always.

Shouldn’t we demand that leadership from our candidates?

Next up: Rookies have their place.