Matt Brown: Better Together

Note: this is the first of five blogs that I will publish 
over the next week on why I think that Matt Brown is the 
best choice for mayor on Election Day, October 27th.

I’ve given a bunch of money, tweeted my support at great length, have a lawn sign and done a canvas in support of Matt but why am I backing this guy? There are 5 main reasons and each deserves a bit more room than Twitter has to offer so here we go …

Matt finds a way to move forward, not with a bulldozer but with understanding, compromise and negotiation.

Let’s face it, Joe Fontana was a subtle as 25 tons of high explosives. There was no middle ground for Joe. On day one he gathered seven allies (Joe Swan, Bud Polhill, Sandy White, Stephen Orser, Paul Van Meerbergen, Denise Brown and Dale Henderson) and rammed every issue that he deemed important through council against all logical argument, against all public input and against all advice from experts. This was democracy in the dirt. It was a disgusting mess and we deserve better.

During his freshman term on council Matt has been attentive, eloquent and composed in the face of this. Matt has done his best to build bridges while Fontana  was busy burning them down. I didn’t always agree with the deals that he struck but he was always looking for the middle ground.

Even during his campaign Matt has refrained from throwing mud, even in the face of 3 fairly nasty opponents. While Matt has defended himself against a pretty steady barrage of attacks (especially from the Caranci camp) I have yet to see Matt throw the first punch.

The other guys (and how sad is it that all of them are guys?) say they will bring council together with one breath and quite literally bash each other with the next breath. Put this one at the top of the list of reasons that democracy is broken (and the main reason that we need ranked ballots in my opinion).

Finding balance is the single most important role of a mayor. We need someone who can set aside special interests and their own ego and find a way forward that we can all live with. Matt is the only candidate that has the record to do this and he’s the only one that’s walking the talk.

The other guys are busy promising while Matt’s busy delivering.

Next up: Ready, aim, fire.