London’s Green Bin Pilot Program – Update

The vote at city council on Monday is going to be very close. If we want to make this happen we need to make some calls and write some e-mails. While most Councillors appear to have made up their minds here are a few swing votes that have an open mind: 

Bernie MacDonald – ward 3
Harold Usher – ward 12
Mayor Anne Marie DiCicco-Best 

A couple of Councillors and members of the Environment and Transportation Committee who initially voted for the pilot seem to have flip-flopped on the issue:
Roger Caranci (ward 1)
Cheryl Miller (ward 14)
Please ask them why they’ve had a change of heart. 

Even if your councillor isn’t listed above it wouldn’t hurt to call and let them know how you feel. Their contact info can be found here and most have cell or home phone numbers and I’m told they all have blackberries. 

It’s easy to be apathetic or disillusioned about politics but this is a close one and we can all make a difference with just a few phone calls and e-mails. Let’s remind them that we’re paying attention to important issues like this especially in an election year. 

Thank you for taking the time to help change our city for the better.