Gimme Hope: An Open Letter to Matt Brown

Hi Matt,

You’re a very likeable guy and that makes these words tough to write but this needs doing.

You were first to throw your hat in the ring and it’s looking like you’re going to be the only serious progressive candidate running in the 2014 municipal election. There were rumbling of your decision long before January and I was concerned.

Is it because you won’t make a good leader? No.
Is it because you don’t have a good grasp on municipal issues? No.
Is it because you won’t work hard to build consensus? No.

It’s because I didn’t sense passion in you … for the job or the city. But at the behest of a bunch of very smart people I didn’t say much. I know that ramping up a mayoral campaign is tough and I was hoping that passion would take hold and we’d all start to see it. But it’s not happening Matt and, with only 100 days left until the election, time is running out.

I’ve given you money and you’ll probably get my vote but goddamn it Matt you’re not making it easy.

Where’s the fire in your belly? What is it going to take to feel that energy from you? The mayor is more than just a single vote on council, the mayor sets the tone for our community and London is in serious need of hope.

Today Joni Baechler donned the mantle of Mayor and, make no mistake, she will raise the bar on that office. You have to find your passion, you have to tell us why you’re running and you gotta make us believe it. Make us aspire to something better.

Give me something to fight for Matt.

Give me hope. Do it.