Council Agenda Highlights – October 24 – RCDC

Lots of interesting stuff on this week’s Council agenda. Here’s a rundown and a bunch of links for more information.

If anything strikes you as interesting (or if you just want to meet some really cool folks) then come out for tomorrow night’s RCDC meetup.

1. Council is looking into the possibility of privatizing electricity, water, wastewater, solid waste and parking services. They are looking to sign a cooperation agreement with EPCOR who does the same thing for Edmonton. This feels a bit like signing an agreement with Blackwater to investigate privatizing a police force – EPCOR isn’t neutral in this game.

London Hydro courted by Edmonton utility company
Power player joins race for London Hydro
‘It just doesn’t smell right’
Baechler Balks At EPCOR Partnership Proposal
VIDEO From CTV London
Facebook Pack the Gallery Event

UPDATE: a trio of new articles were posted Sunday evening

City may pull plug on Hydro partnership
So where are the Hydro answers?
It’s a Small World After All

2. Council will be asked to approve of London’s Growth Management Implementation Strategy. A number of developers aren’t completely happy with the plan so there should be interesting activity around this one. If you care about urban sprawl this is important to keep an eye on as it helps set the blueprint for London’s growth.

OMG, what have they done to GMIS?
Oh, give me a home

3. The development and real estate industries would like Council to allow some of the largest “temporary” building signage in the province. These temporary signs would also be up longer than any other city – 365 days. A very generous definition of temporary in my opinion.

Staff has recommended less generous signage allowances but it seems that Joe Swan, Denise Brown and Bud Polhill are feeling differently.

The press doesn’t seem to be covering this one so here’s the item from last week’s BNEC (Built and Natural Environment Committee) agenda.

4. The downtown parking garage item is on the agenda again. Turns out that the existing parking available is under-utilized now (check out page 10 of this doc) and the additional cost of this facility may not be warranted at the moment.

City of opportunity or opportunists?
Parking debate raises issue of financial viability
It’s time we park this debate with a decision that suits us all
City ponders two core parking proposals (NEW)

5. A new animal welfare strategy is being developed for London. London Animal Care and Control’s contract is coming up soon and there is concern that they kill to many animals. Other cities are adopting “no kill” strategies.

London’s pets, unwanted no more
Vision will make London a more pet-friendly city
City hall seeks partners in new model for animals

6. Request for funding for the development of a Cultural Prosperity Plan for London

7. City of London Wants to Develop Smartphone App for 2012 Budget