B Minus

One year ago London elected a new council and it was a pretty great night.

I backed a number of candidates that got elected and my hopes were high for some real change. 365 days later and I am unimpressed.

Now I’m not an idiot, I knew going in that a number of the folks that I was backing weren’t what you would call progressive. Some of them will be career politicians and this office is just a stepping stone so those councillors weren’t going to be blazing any new trails. But even then I thought that there were some no brainer decisions that they would get behind.

They’ve managed a few small victories but nothing to write home about yet.

Their biggest failures in my eyes:

  • Food trucks: D-
  • Uber: F
  • City Strike: F
  • Police Carding: F
  • London Plan: C-

The first 2 items showed just a complete lack of vision and innovation and that was what I was really looking for from these folks.

My councillor, Stephen Turner, has been especially disappointing on the carding issue.

In spite of that I’m still giving them a B-. Why? Well, they haven’t torched the city so I’m giving them a lot of latitude for not being a complete disaster. I still have some real hope for a few of them.

There are a couple of standouts in this bunch: Jesse Helmer is doing an amazing job and I’ve been impressed with Virginia Ridley as well.

Some people tell me it’s too early to tell what their real legacy will be and maybe they’re right. But I would think if they were going to make any really progressive decisions we would have seen some kind of sign by now.

Let’s face it, the last council was a spectacular embarrassment so pretty much anything was going to be an improvement but this council sure isn’t making the grade in my books.

Hopefully I’ll come back to this in another year and I’ll be singing a different tune.